Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday jams (01/09/2015)

Happy Friday!

For many of us, this was our first full week back at work in quite a while. Take a moment to celebrate that you not only endured it, but made it awesome.

Hands down, the best album I heard in 2014 was Against Me!'s Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I have appreciated how the band has evolved to a more...polished sound without losing the raw edge that makes them great. If you haven't heard it, you absolutely should.

This song, the title track, is a wee bit NSFW--so wear some headphones, turn up the sound, and rock out.


You may have noticed that Erin listens to new music whereas I dwell in the past. I'm fine with this. For instance, Little Feat never gets old. So:

Here's a song about a certain kind of medicine.

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