Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday jams (03/20/2015)

It's Friday, friends of the blog! And ACRL is next week in Portland!

Rachel and I are going to meet in-person for the second time at ACRL--true story, we thought we'd never met in-person until fairly recently when Rachel realized that we had met once at a NASIG conference for like a second.

Anyway, let's have a pre-ACRL dance party!

I had never heard of Shamir until I heard him do an interview with Jenny Eliscu at SXSW for SiriusXM's indie rock channel. It is a-mazing and the hook is kind of ear worm-y.

As an aside, if you're interested in reading what NPR has to say about Shamir and about this song, here you go.

Look at Erin with her new music again.  I don't believe in that, as you know. I believe in old school jams. I was taking a dance party break last night and I watched this video for the first time (I didn't have The Cable as a youth, you see). This video is as good as this jam. ready? no, are you ready? GO.

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