Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday jams (05/20/16)

May has been a really busy month. I've got a lot of really great projects in the works, but even fun work feels tiring sometimes.

You know who else have been busy? Tegan and Sara. Their new album, Love You To Death, comes out on June 3rd. Which is two days before my birthday, so happy birthday to me! Anyway, this performance of the first single from that album, "Boyfriend," is pretty great. Enjoy!

Ugh I need Tegan and Sara to not read my old diaries. Like I'm still upset about it and that interrupts my enjoyment of the song. TOO REAL.
ANYHOW. The other day Erin mentioned Better Than Ezra on twitter dot com and we're just gonna have to go there and do that today, okay?  This used to be the lead-in music for the 4th inning of cardinals baseball and it made me so happy every time I heard a few seconds of it.

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