Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Jams (9/12/2014)

It's Friday! Time to kick out some jams! Let's do this...


My jam for this week, and stay with me here, is Iris DeMent's "Hide Thou Me" from her album Lifeline, which is full of amazing gospel tunes. I was really deep into this album when I was finishing library school. More specifically, it was the soundtrack to me writing my comprehensive examinations.  Part of her version of "Leaning on Everlasting Arms" was in the finale to the 2010 True Grit, which you should totally watch tonight. Hide Thou Me is a beautiful tune, and we all need a reminder that our troubles ain't too much in the grand scheme. Get it done. This beginning of the semester is a lot of stuff going on all of the sudden and I needed that reminder all week. Well damn. Now I wrote all that and it isn't on youtube. internet, you're letting me down. Another selection, then. And if you need an actual jam, here you go.

Monae's performance of this song about "the power of yet" was making the rounds on social media this week and I was instantly charmed. But Rachel posted a Janelle Monae song a couple of weeks ago, so I was worried that maybe it was too soon to post another. Rachel assured me that there is no such thing as too much Janelle Monae on the blog, so please enjoy Monae's trip to Sesame Street.

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