Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday jams (10/31/2014)

I've never really been into Halloween--especially since, as an adult, I can buy candy any time I want. But the town I live in now goes wild for Halloween. So I've decided that the only appropriate jam for today is a spooky jam. And nothing is spookier to me than Michael Jackson's Thriller. I find both the song and the video irrationally terrifying--especially Vincent Price's throaty, maniacal laughter at the end. For a video made in the early 80s, I have to say that it's aged pretty well.

Beware...the video is 13 minutes long.


Now that we're done with THAT. Let's move along to Robyn. I have no idea why I don't post a Robyn song every single week because she is an all-powerful life-giver. This week, we're gonna rock some positive jam from the new mini-album with Röyksopp. I'm gonna listen to this song. and then I'm gonna do it. a. gain.

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