Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Jams! (11/7/2014)

I'm conferencing at a conference. When you're conferencing at conferences, you need the most powerful of energy-providing-jams.  ENERJAMS. When you're getting ready to present at a conference your conference presentation, you need the kind of jam that you would use in a fight walk-out. For me, there is no question about what that jam would be. When they turn that knob at 1:30, I am reborn.

You might remember this from the Teddybears version which was featured on the television show Chuck whenever something kick-ass was about to happen, you huge nerds you.  If you see me in Charleston totally rocking out, this is what is playing.

I am rocking out especially hard today because I'm on vacation next week. Sometimes it's hard to combat Vacation Brain Creep when there's so much to do, so you need ENERJAMS for a whole different reason. One of my favorite thing is A.V. Club Undercover, where bands come to the A.V. Club offices and do a cover of a pop songs from a list of choices generated by A.V. Club readers. Constructive Summer reader, Ethan, pointed out this amazing Reggie Watts cover of Van Halen's Panama. Which led me down the rabbit hole of A.V. Club Undercover performances. This cover of R. Kelly's Ignition (Remix) is probably my favorite A.V. Club Undercover performance ever.

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