Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Jams! (12/12/2014)


I will make one concession to Christmas.  It is this GAP add from back in the day with Luscious Jackson. This one:

Okay but also there was the other thirty second spot that made me JUMP UP from however I was laying on the couch and RUN across the room to turn up the television volume. For this 26 seconds of pure joy: Yeah Yeah Yeah.

I can't really compete with Rachel's awesome Luscious Jackson jam. So I'm taking it in an entirely different direction. 

I'm still stuck on 'do what you can to make a difference with what you have' jams. Say what you will about Phil Collins-era Genesis, but Land of Confusion is a great jam for when you need to dig a little deeper for the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.

When I was looking for a version of Land of Confusion on YouTube,  I found this awesome Mashup of that song and Michael Jackson's Beat It. So it's not all seriousness here today, I suppose.

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