Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Jams! (05/29/2015)


I love a good minor chord progression. Remember this one? It was the first single from this band and this album and it bombed because the A&R man made the mistake of putting good music on the radio. And then they got famous with joke songs. Quite sad, actually.

The new Indigo Girls album is streaming over at Garden & Gun. With few exceptions, I much prefer Amy's songs over Emily's songs. This thought lead me down a weird rabbit hole that ended with me revisiting the eponymous Mount Moriah album. My brain is weird.

Anyway, I heard Mount Moriah, open for Craig Finn when I saw him touring behind his solo album and they were amazing. They've put out more stuff since they released that eponymous album, but that album has some of my favorite of their songs. I dug up this live version of the opening track, Lament, to share with you. It's not really a jaunty Friday jams tune, but you'll be tapping your feet and I guarantee you'll have it in your head for days.

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