Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A positive jam

"We gotta start it off with a positive jam"--The Hold Steady

In July, I wrote a blog post for Jessica Olin's Letters to a Young Librarian. In it, I suggested that public services and technical services folks work together to build a better library. And, in a play on a line from a song by The Hold Steady, I called for the building of a Unified Library Scene.

For me, the Unified Library Scene is about technical services and public services people working together and moving past stereotypes. But maybe it looks different for you. There's a lot of places where we create silos or turn the otherness of our colleagues into something to be feared or disdained rather than celebrated.

I am grateful that Jessica gave me the platform to write something that resonated with people and sparked in me an interest to keep the conversation going. I hope you'll be willing to join me on this adventure. I hope you'll tell me what the Unified Library Scene means to you and what you're doing to build it. You'll be hearing from my partner-in-crime, Rachel Fleming, soon. And I hope you'll join us in the comments and in writing guest posts.

My hope is that we leave Librarianship a better, more inclusive place than we found it. So let's start it with a positive jam.

Stay positive,

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