Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Jams! (8/29/2014)

It's Friday! Time to kick out the jams!

If you're in public libraries, hopefully you're starting to get a breather as Summer Reading draws to a close. If you're in academic or school libraries, the students are back. Woo!

Enjoy these jams and have a great weekend.

Stay positive,

Jason Isbell's Southeastern was my favorite album of 2013 and it's a shame that it didn't win a Grammy. This live version is pretty great, but it doesn't have the fiddle stylings of Amanda Shires, which is also a shame. Anyway, it's really great and I hope you dig it.


Driving all day today to party all weekend, need some classic jams for the road. You know how your favorite band has another band that is a cover band with the same members and their friends and everyone has fake names? Is that just me? Because I feel sorry for you if that is not the case. You can borrow mine for today. Tina and the B-Side Movement (or Tina and the B-Sides sometimes) is also sometimes Lola and the Red Hots. With Tina as Lola and sister Laura as Esther Mae. It's a family band playing a family band. I mean.

I honestly could not say enough about Tina Schlieske and all of her bands. Go on, sign up for the mailing list, you get a free sampler which is well worth the zero dollars totally free.

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