Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday jams!

It's Friday! Let's kick out the jams!

Here are the songs that Erin and Rachel are digging on this week. What song are you digging on this week? Hit us up in the comments.

Sylvan Esso is an electro-pop band from North Carolina and they are awesome. Their whole album is fantastic, but I'm really digging their song "Hey Mami." Check out the duo playing the song live in the Moog Sound Lab.

As an aside, the Moog Sound Lab has a bunch of really great live performances by bands you might enjoy. Check it out!

It's Friday, it's rainy in the mountains. I'm settin' em up and knockin' em down.  High levels of productivity call for some productivity jams. I'm rocking out to my high school record collection. In my youth, I did a lot of math to this record, and it still does the job of helping me focus while still being (or because it is?) totally awesome.

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