Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday jams (04/17/2015)

With the exception of No One's First and You're Next, an album of unreleased tracks and B-Sides, Modest Mouse hasn't had a record our since 2008. They came back strong in 2015 with Strangers to Ourselves. I always enjoyed Modest Mouse, but I feel like going to Portland made me appreciate them a little bit more. I had a weird week, so it felt appropriate to share this weirdly jaunty tune. Enjoy!

I went and saw the Indigo Girls this week. They're doing a tour with orchestral arrangements. Having come up in classical music I can be pretty snobby about it, so I won't share my feelings about the concert other than I thought it was good.  I did manage to get a few songs in my head. Being that my friend and I who saw the show are Old, we got to talking about R.E.M. on our way out. Don't be shy don't lie, you know you love it:

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