Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Jams! (4/24/2015)


The other day I was talking to my friend about our Queen, Janelle Monae. She said that she appreciated Ms Monae's entire thing, but that maybe, you know, her music is sometimes weird. I was all, I KNOW RIGHT! HEART EYES EMOJI. (not really because it was real life). So I give you some Janelle, and I want you to think about, while you listen, think about how weird this music is.


It's possible that you think you've never heard a song by The Refreshments. But if you've ever watched King of the Hill, you totally have. They do the theme song. Anyway, I have had thing song stuck in my head since I heard it yesterday. If pressed, I would probably make the argument that it is the perfect pop song. Please enjoy this live version from Late Night with Conan O'Brien. It features a young Conan at the beginning of the clip.

I've got the pistol, so I'll keep the pesos. That seems fair.

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